Reticulation or to you and me textured silver


A technique using the combination of applying heat and quenching in cold to produce wrinkles, folds and creases on the surface of metal, almost like you have been in the bath too long and your fingers have gone prunie.  The metal catches the light and twinkles as though covered in crystals. A sophisticated but simple look that suits both men and women.

A bit more about me - part 2

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Sadly I discovered that to be involved in horticulture one needed to be fit and have a back that could withstand digging, hefting stone and slab and turning large quantities of manure. Unfortunately my back protested and that was that.

An evening course in silversmithing opened up the door that would lead to jewellery.

Watching a group of retired gentlemen hammer with such precision sheet of metal until they became beautiful jugs or bowls was awe inspiring. Could I do this, have the patience and learn the skill? Well, first of all I had to go through basic training, the ceremonial burnt fingers, cut hands, loss of a finger nail and watch countless ounces, (grams for you youngsters reading this) of silver turning from something with potential into a blob that was put into scrap!

Thankfully, with some great teaching and some patience and encouragement from the elderly men I started to learn the art
A bit more about me

What got me into working with gold and silver?

I always new I was more creative than academic although it took some time to get there.

A couple of years at John Lewis on their management programme gave me a great background in selling, display and general merchandising. A course at secretarial college, (all the rage in the 70's) gave me computer skills. You may not think this would be an obvious skill in jewellery making but believe me, the paperwork, book-keeping and general correspondence is enormous.

A qualification in horticulture made me realise that creating beautiful spaces for others was satisfying, fun and above all using the part of my brain that lit the rest up. All good basics for the next step.
So why Annakin Silver?

When thinking up a name for my then hobby back in 2002, I never thought that the name I picked would be so important and still be with me in 2013.

A name is the beginning and the end of any company. It has to be easily remembered, not to be confused with anything else. It needs to be easily identifiable with ideally a logo that can be extracted from it.  It has to tell the story.

“Annakin” came from a pet name my father had for me when I was small, he even made up a poem which went:-

“Annakin Panakin,

Lost her Hanikin,

Poor little Annakin,

She’ll get a spanakin.” (don’t worry folks, I never did)


The name does get confused with the Star Wars character Anakin Skywalker, (please note there is only a single “n”) but this only starts a conversation which is always my first step in building a relationship with my customers.

The logo, a golden triangle makes is simple to see and one which I want to develop more in the coming years.

Annakin Silver blog intro


My name is Anna and I run a company called Annakin Silver and I love designing, making and selling silver and gold jewellery.  So, that’s the who, what and why, now the next big question....


Well, for a few reasons, firstly, my children told me to, secondly, because it makes sense to have a space where I can talk about my life, my work and how I view the world.  Thirdly, because someone out there might be interested in what I have to say.


My family have had a tradition of when things need to be said and I mean really said then they write a letter.  Whether it is to express love, thanks, concern, to confirm a decision, to broach a tricky subject or in one case to discuss the birds and bees. This blog will be no different.  I can talk about what inspires me, teach what I think you’ll find interesting, talk about life in the jewellery world and the many highs and lows of working for myself, at home, trying to do it all.