• Unlocking the Beauty of Your Unworn Jewellery: Annakin Jewellery's Repurposing Journey
  • Anna France
Unlocking the Beauty of Your Unworn Jewellery: Annakin Jewellery's Repurposing Journey

Welcome to Annakin Jewellery, where the art of jewellery isn't just about adornment; it's about cherishing the past and creating timeless pieces for the future. We're delighted to introduce you to our world of jewellery and the magical transformation of forgotten treasures.

The Visionary Behind Annakin

Annakin Jewellery is the conception of me, Anna France, and it was founded in 2000. Creating beautiful, stunning jewellery, Anna has forged a wonderful reputation over the years for the quality and elegance of her work. There is no set 'look' to an Annakin Jewellery piece - she likes to keep things simple, elegant, and classic with a twist. Combining various techniques and enjoying trying something new and surprising to catch your eye, Annakin Jewellery is all about celebrating the beauty of the unexpected.

Annakin Jewellery is extremely proud of the reputation she has built, and you can see our excellent reviews on Trust Pilot.

The Story of Annakin Jewellery

How many of us have pieces of jewellery that we do not wear, sitting in our drawers? Either fashion has changed, they don't fit anymore, or we have inherited something that, although we love the sentimentality, we do not like the design!

Here is a chance to create something that you will love out of those pieces that have not seen the light of day for a while. By sitting down and talking through what you want to wear, the lifestyle you have today, and how you want to move forward, we can come to a design that you will love and treasure and then pass on yourself to the next generation.

Using the whole of the item, including any stones and metal, ensures that any story that has come with the piece is kept and then retold. It's about preserving the memories and making them shine anew.

The Magic of Repurposing

Over the coming months I will be posting before and after examples of the pieces she has been working on over the past year. There are many success stories, reigniting a love for those pieces that are special to you and yours. Get in touch with Annakin, and let's bring your ideas to life.

Meanwhile go to my website by clicking this link to see a few examples to start you off.


  • Anna France

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