• A bit more about me - part 2
  • Anna France
A bit more about me - part 2

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Sadly I discovered that to be involved in horticulture one needed to be fit and have a back that could withstand digging, hefting stone and slab and turning large quantities of manure. Unfortunately my back protested and that was that.

An evening course in silversmithing opened up the door that would lead to jewellery.

Watching a group of retired gentlemen hammer with such precision sheet of metal until they became beautiful jugs or bowls was awe inspiring. Could I do this, have the patience and learn the skill? Well, first of all I had to go through basic training, the ceremonial burnt fingers, cut hands, loss of a finger nail and watch countless ounces, (grams for you youngsters reading this) of silver turning from something with potential into a blob that was put into scrap!

Thankfully, with some great teaching and some patience and encouragement from the elderly men I started to learn the art
  • Anna France

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