Bespoke Pieces

Have you ever wanted to design you own piece of jewellery or been inspired by a piece but wanted to put your own twist on? 

Anna has been creating bespoke, one-off designs for those customers who want that little extra to add to their collections.  Either from scratch using new stones and metals or by recycling pieces they already own.  There is more on that below.

Please contact her for further information on the design process, what is involved and how much it is likely to be and how and when to start.

The new story

We all want to be more environmentally aware.  We are being taught to recycle or reuse and this is no different in the jewellery world. My personal moto now is  "buy less and buy to last"

How many of us have pieces of jewellery that we do not wear sitting in our drawers? Either fashion has changed, its doesn't fit anymore or we have inherited something that although we love the sentimentality we do not like the design!

Here is a chance to create something that you will love out of those pieces that have not seen the light of day for a while.  By sitting down and talking through what you want to wear, the lifestyle you have today and the how you want to move forward we can come to a design that you will love and treasure and then pass on yourself to the next generation.

Using the whole of the item including any stones and metal ensures that any story that has come with the piece is kept and then retold.

Each piece that is created is unique to you and can never be truely replicated.

Examples below are pendants, rings and earrings made from either a single recycled piece or numerous pieces put together.

To talk more about what you have and would like to retell into a new story contact me and arrange a visit either to my home or to a show near you.

New story from old ringscustomers' own rings