• So why Annakin Silver?
  • Anna France
So why Annakin Silver?

When thinking up a name for my then hobby back in 2002, I never thought that the name I picked would be so important and still be with me in 2013.

A name is the beginning and the end of any company. It has to be easily remembered, not to be confused with anything else. It needs to be easily identifiable with ideally a logo that can be extracted from it.  It has to tell the story.

“Annakin” came from a pet name my father had for me when I was small, he even made up a poem which went:-

“Annakin Panakin,

Lost her Hanikin,

Poor little Annakin,

She’ll get a spanakin.” (don’t worry folks, I never did)


The name does get confused with the Star Wars character Anakin Skywalker, (please note there is only a single “n”) but this only starts a conversation which is always my first step in building a relationship with my customers.

The logo, a golden triangle makes is simple to see and one which I want to develop more in the coming years.

  • Anna France

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