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Out and about in 2020

Dear Customers

Please find below a list of shows that I shall be exhibiting at during 2020.  

Applying for exhibitions is a very time consuming occupation and of course is no guarantee of me being accepted.  The application process involves my products, skill and ethos undergoing close scrutiny from a panel of experts in my field.  It is tough but you know when you have been accepted into a show that you amongst the great and the good in the UK. I feel both proud and satisfied when that acceptance letter or email pops up knowing that I have done my best and it has been recognised. 

This is list is being updated all the time so please keep a look out for those emails informing you of exhibitions in your area in more detail.




Desire - Chelsea Old Town Hall - 27th Feb to 1st March

Badminton Horse Trials -  6th to 10th May

Craft In Focus at Trentham Gardens - 11th to 14th June

Royal Highland Games nr Edinburgh - 19th - 21st June

Burghley Horse Trials - 2nd to 6th September

Cheltenham Christmas Gift Fair - 28th to 31st September

At Home with Friends at my house - 20th to 23rd November

Burghley Christmas Fair & Angel Fair - 26th to 29th November


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