• How different things look now in 2020
  • Anna France
How different things look now in 2020

Dear All

After so much planning, applicaitons, acceptances and a few rejections my show plan for 202 was looking healthy and exciting. Sadly things can change in a flash but I am certainly not down and out.

The shows that have been booked up to September have been cancelled or moved to another date.  Those after September are expecting to run but with caution of things changing later in the summer.

I shall of course keep you all updated of any changes.

Meanwhile the website is up and fully working with some new collections being added all the time.  The mail has not been affected so please keep looking and if you want to have a chat then please do not hesitate to email or phone.

Keep well and safe and I hope to see you you later in the year or in 2021.




  • Anna France

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